VG Studio llc

Project Location:

Houston’s sidewalks

Sponsorship: Houston Arts Alliance



Design Team:

Victoria Goldstein

Munjer Hashim

Mario devora

Fabrication: TXRX



Bencho is an outdoor seat designed as a comfortable addition to public space. There are three variations to its design and materiality to suite each location. The next phase for this design is to incorporate a Wi Fi source or signal amplifier in order to enhance the public experience of place making.  VGS has previously design/built/installed similar benches in public space, made of lightweight concrete that withstands the test of time and serves as a canvas for public art. Bencho goes one step further to its previous iterations; its design is compact and light, yet heavy enough to be suitable for public space use without being anchored to the floor.  It also aims to provide Internet access to city dwellers while they rest or contemplating, thus making place.




Digital Model of Structure

Digital Model of Structure

Digital Perspective

Digital Perspective

Work in Progress Prototype 01 @vg Studio